Sponsored by: UNDP

Period: 2016-2017

Aim: The proposed activities are expected to serve as a vehicle for opening a dialogue among stakeholders on the specific social cohesion/human rights challenges affecting young women and men in Kumanovo. The combination of NGOs, youth and media and the innovative youth outlets will provide a unique set of opportunities allowing an open dialogue in which new knowledge and ideas can be shared in a constructive environment.

The project has four elements:

  • Creating an inclusive space for youth-led activities that will engage all ethnic communities and orientations in a spirit of diversity and human rights;
  • Providing training and modest financial support to community activities prioritized and executed by young people themselves;
  • Supporting volunteer youth activity in addressing the migrant crisis (Kumanovo is the main exit point for migrants transiting the country) as a tool for internal social cohesion; and
  • Mobilizing young volunteers to identify and meet priority needs for young women and girls, with an emphasis on community safety and security.

Key project activities:

1. Refurbishment of the Youth facility

2.Trainings for core group of youth trainers and facilitators on interculutral learning and human rights

3.Creative workshops and public events let by a core group of trainers and facilitators with mixed groups of participants (gender, regional, ethnical and etc.)

4.Mobile youth classroom (oline platform – web and mobile app)

5.Bulding ground for sustainable and long term cooperation between youth and local authorities (Advocacy Initiatves with different stakeholders)

6.Development of training kit for working with young people in multicultural environment

7.Women Section