Project place: Ivancice, Czech Republic

Project dates: 

I Training: 10th – 18th March 2018

II Training: 2nd – 10th June 2018

Application deadline: URGENT!



The long term training course “Make yourself visible”, aiming at improving skills in information technology of youth workers all around Europe. The LTTC is focused on development of IT skills of youth workers and young people active in social field, willing to develop project and in need of knowledge about building simple web-sites, working with social media, creating visualization materials – everything that would allow them to take their projects and their work to the next level, because, as they say, “If you’re not present online, you’re not present anywhere”.

The project will consist from two parts:

The first activity will be a Training Course, held from 10 – 18 of March 2018.

The first part of this LTTC will be a TC, which is mainly aimed at youth workers: team and project leaders, volunteer coordinators and mentors, HRs and decision-makers of NGOs. During the TC, participants will learn both in theory and in practice how to use simple online tools which make their work visible. This will include building web-sites, working with social media and creating visual materials.

After the TC, participants will have a task to work on their local realities, creating web-sites for their NGOs and making a campaign in order to promote it and make it visible for general public.



  • to empower the participants in using social media tools for promotion of their NGOs and activities
  • to increase digital literacy of youth NGOs staff around Europe
  • to learn and see in practice how to use online tools for free or spend very little money, which will allow organization to be presented online in an effective way
  • to create concrete examples of web-sites/social media pages/visual materials for current social projects realized by participating organizations and increase their effectiveness thanks to that
  • to promote cultural diversity in an European context;



The second activity will be a Training Course, held from 2 – 10 of June 2018.

Where participants will create online learning platforms, and design of online educational activities.



  • to build partnerships between participating organizations in TC and create ideas for future projects to be realized online for promoting Erasmus+
  • creating handbook with description of online tools which can be used by NGOs to improve their online visibility
  • to create a European network of organizations interested in developing their capacity through social media tools
  • to create online learning platforms
  • to design of online educational activities
  • to promote Erasmus+ framework in order to encourage participants to develop future projects together



  • youth leaders, youth workers dealing with young people, staff from NGOs and active volunteers
  • some experience in the topic of youth empowerment and high motivation to explore this topic
  • shared expectations and clearly defined learning needs
  • openness for and appreciation of non-formal learning process in high diversity context
  • commitment to go through whole long-term learning process including responsibility for self-directed learning & learning outcomes as well high level of motivation and discipline, ability to deal with procrastination that might appear during the on-line learning phase
  • commitment to reflect on personal learning process and ability to assess critically learning outcomes
  • high commitment for follow-up activities and networking
  • able to communicate in English
  • willing to share their experience with CID




All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR after successful participation in the TC and sending all the original tickets. 



Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD