Project dates:

  • 01.10.2018 – 30.11.2018 (2 months) THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED
  • 01.02.2019 – 30.11.2019 (10 months) deadline for applying: 30th September 2018

Project place: Tallinn, Estonia




Main aim of this project is to provide an opportunity to emerging youth workers to gain knowledge, skills and practical experience necessary for supporting youth especially those from marginal backgrounds (ethnic minorities, low income families, etc.), vulnerable situations (disabilities, linguistic barriers, etc.) and NEET’s (not in employment, education and training). The project will contribute to the professional development of a group of youth workers in education and/or training in Macedonia, Estonia and the United Kingdom through involving them in training and practical working experience in all nations, as well as through developing tools both off and online that they can use in their future work in this field. One of the major aims of the collaboration is the development of accreditation and recognition of professional youth work both in the UK, Estonia and Macedonia as well as Europe and even on a Global context.



There are two different placements for upcoming Youth Workers:


Position one: Youth worker will joint to INVOLVED ngo activities.

INVOLVED is non-governmental organization aiming at creating possibilities for life-long learning and fostering development of individuals and different targets on local and international level. Via broadening horizons, developing practical skills and offering information and activities, we aim at more active participation in civil society. Involved is interested in and active at youth mobility projects and development of youth and voluntary work, intercultural learning, integration and migration, equal and human rights.

Which requires, among other things, the following activities carried out:

– Develop practical skills, broadening their horizons, thereby providing opportunities for active participation in society of persons; Information gathering, processing and distribution; Preparation of publications, review and issue; Preparation and execution of projects, and its service offering and related consulting; counseling and information services; Camps, youth exchanges, training, seminars, training, conferences, courses, workshops, exhibitions, events, etc., and the commemoration of the organization; Theater as a method of social integration, demonstration, development, and implements both locally and internationally; Volunteering in developing, promoting and coordinating both local and international levels;

People involved with an organization have long-term experience in various programmes such as all actions of Youth In Action; and Leonardo da Vinci including working with young people with fewer opportunities, not only in Europe but outside as well.

INVOLVED ngo was legally established in 2012. The organization is the multiplier of EURODESK Network in Estonia.


Position two: Youth worker will join to one of our Estonia’s or Tallinn’s Youth Centers

Youth Centers in Tallinn city o across Estonia are the second home for all young people aged 7-26. Here, young people have the opportunity to spend their free time in a good company and take part in local and international youth projects.

The Youth Center offers learning opportunities, helps to acquire volunteering, teamwork and event management experience, develops communication skills with other organizations and youth workers.




– testing new youth work approaches – sharing, implementation and then re-evaluation of theoretical  practice;

– creating and uploading content on the educational platform (at least 2.5 hours a week working on the platform) such as online courses, videos, articles, etc, based on experience and learning through carefully trialled experimental implementation of new tools for the online education platform;

– contributing to the film by making a 3-4 minute video each week based upon their activities and experiences;

– engaging in a level of self-evaluation and reflection through the recording of individual videos and the creation of online articles;

– ensuring the successful dissemination of results between stakeholders (write articles, sections, chapters in relation to the handbook).



  • 18+ years old
  • youth workers
  • dedicated to work with youth
  • flexible and easy adaptable 
  • willing to try new methods for working with youth



This project is supported by Erasmus+ programme.

All costs (accommodation, utilities, transportation, materials) will be covered.

Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the rules of Erasmus+ programme.

The youth worker will receive monthly allowance of 600 EUR.




Send your CV and motivational letter to stating in the subject for which mobility and position you are applying

  • for the short-term mobility by 1st August 2018
  • for the long-term mobility by 30th September 2018