Human libraries and their impact, as seen by Besa

16.05.2016 4:13 PM | No Comments

From 25th of April to the 3rd of May, Besa Ziba attended a training course – “Don’t judge a book by its cover – Empowering youngsters to organize a Human Library“, held in Ommen, the Netherlands. This project was...

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The YEU pool of trainers is growing: CID has 5 representatives this year

06.05.2016 3:59 PM | No Comments

CID has a longstanding partnership with YEU (Youth for Exchange and Understanding). This year, two more junior trainers joined the YEU PET – pool of trainers: Dragana Jovanovska and Florim Rexhepi. Together with the Vice-President Matej Manevski and the...

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RESTART: working on youth participation with YEU

06.05.2016 3:53 PM | No Comments

As a member of YEU International, CID is taking part in its long-term project called ”RESTART: Rethinking, Assessing, Activating And Evaluating Youth Organizations”. The project is focusing on finding new methodologies and methods to increase youth participation of young...

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Marija about why it is important to talk about self-assessment for youth workers

06.05.2016 2:56 PM | No Comments

Recognition of youth work is a process that CID has been involved in for many years. Given the diverse experience of the European states in recognising and promoting youth work as a profession, CID became part of a two-year...

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Preparing Facilitators for the MultiKulti workshops

06.05.2016 2:36 PM | No Comments

Following the great outcomes of the CUBE project and the interest of young people to join, this spring CID is launching the second season of the CUBE workshops.  In order to offer even better service and facilitation, CID prepared...

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Sharing our experience in youth participation at the DYPALL conference in Portugal

06.05.2016 2:25 PM | No Comments

Last year CID became a partner of an ambitious project called DYPALL Network – Developing Youth Participation on Local Level. The 2-year project intends to create a network of partners (both governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations) in order to...

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Milos Ristovski becomes a member of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe

06.05.2016 2:15 PM | No Comments

The year 2016 came with a pleasant surprise for CID – our Secretary General, Milos Ristovski, was elected to be a member of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe. His mandate will last for 2...

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No hate speech campaign in Macedonia: training course in Strumica

06.05.2016 2:00 PM | No Comments

This year’s No Hate Speech Campaign started with a training course for high-school students, organized in Strumica. The training course for development of activities to combat hate speech was organized by The Directorate for Personal Data Protection, together with...

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Interview with Tiina about the state of youth work in Macedonia

05.05.2016 4:00 PM | No Comments

Tiina Toivola, a youth worker from Finland, spent one month in CID as an intern. Given her extensive experience in youth work, we were happy to have her input on how youth work is conducted in a country where...

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Equal rights for all children: interview with Aleksandra Cvetkovska

18.04.2016 11:51 PM | No Comments

Through Aleksandra Cvetkovska, CID has recently been involved as a partner in the project “Implementation of the Convention on the rights of the Child in Macedonia”, under the direction of the Coalition for Youth Organizations SEGA. This project is...

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