Recognition of youth work: Seminar on the European Youth Portfolio

01.12.2014 3:28 PM | No Comments

On November 19-21 the Council of Europe (CoE) held a seminar on the European Youth Portfolio as a tool for recognition and self-assessment of youth workers. The seminar took place in Strasbourg, France and gathered 35 participants from European...

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Cross-sectoral cooperation on youth activism: seminar ”Youth participation in democratic life”

27.11.2014 3:04 PM | No Comments

Because youth participation in Macedonia is a topic addressed by both governmental and non-governmental institutions, a seminar that brought them together was held in Bitola between the 20-22 of November. The seminar ”Youth participation in democratic life” was organised...

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The initiative board from Lipkovo steps forward towards the establishment of a Youth Council

26.11.2014 11:01 PM | No Comments

The Initiative Board of the Lipkovo Municipality keeps working hard on improving their skills and developing the action plan. On the 21-22 of November they gathered for the last training which ended the cycle of trainings in this phase...

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Enhancing the capacities of the school unions: workshop on youth participation

25.11.2014 5:38 PM | No Comments

On the 17th and 18th of November the members of the School Unions from the Goce Delchev High School and Hristijan Karpos Primary School had the opportunity to take part in a workshop meant to develop their skills as...

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Municipality of Lipkovo meets with the Initiative Board

24.11.2014 12:41 PM | No Comments

On the 20th of November at the Municipality of Lipkovo a meeting was hosted with the authorities of the Municipality and the representatives of the Youth Initiative Board of Lipkovo. The aim of the meeting was to inform the...

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“Social rights are human rights 2” – workshop to boost inclusion and participation

17.11.2014 2:44 PM | No Comments

Young people in Kumanovo like to party on weekends, but they also show their concern on social issues by joining workshops. On November 8th, 2014 such a workshop happened in the office of the Islamic Youth Forum , an...

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“ACTEC – ACTive European Citizenship” – evaluation meeting

11.11.2014 1:50 PM | No Comments

Between November  7th – 9th the hotel Harmonija in Kumanovo hosted a delegation of 11 members from 5 organisations in the framework of the project “ACTEC – ACTive European Citizenship Through Cooperation and Information”. Two participants per country – Spain, Romania,...

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Development of Local Youth Policies: The experience of the Youth Council in Lipkovo

11.11.2014 1:42 PM | No Comments

The Initiative Board from Lipkovo is actively working towards developing youth policies and encouraging youth activism in their municipality. It was created in the framework of the project ”Development of Local Youth Policies and Local Youth participation in 12...

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International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism – movie screening at CID

10.11.2014 7:15 PM | No Comments

To mark the International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism, Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) organized a promotion campaign to raise awareness about the topic by spreading campaign materials and inviting people to come to a movie screening. The movie presented...

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How to make advocacy campaigns: Last stop – Kumanovo

10.11.2014 6:53 PM | No Comments

The training on “How to make advocacy campaigns” happened in Kumanovo on the 29th of October and 2nd of November. Several young people from both Macedonian and Albanian communities worked together in the office of CID on the concepts of...

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