The CID family is growing – meet our new team members

07.06.2016 12:00 PM | No Comments

We are happy to introduce four new members to the CID family: Ines, Fisnik, Antonio and David. They will work on different projects and contribute to the overall growth of the organisation. Curious to  know who they are and...

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Making EVS accessible to youth with fewer opportunities

07.06.2016 11:16 AM | No Comments

Between June 1st and 3rd, Dragana Jovanovska from CID attended a multipliers event in Dublin, Ireland, together with our colleagues from Kreaktiv Kavadarci. The event had the purpose of presenting the results of the 2-year cooperation between Kreaktiv and...

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Regional cooperation Kumanovo – Lipkovo – Staro Nagoricane

07.06.2016 10:32 AM | No Comments

As one of the outcomes from the previous process which aimed at introducing youth to the topic of hate speech and hate crime, we identified the need for more active work and collaboration with the young people from the...

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Nami and Arta about cultural realities: training course in Italy

06.06.2016 2:20 PM | No Comments

Between 8th and 16th of May a training course took place in Palermo, Italy, named “Intercultu(R)eality”. The training was hosted by the Italian partner Informa Giovani and CID sent three participants. Arta and Nami are giving us an insight...

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Imagining the perfect democratic organisation: Training Course in Mavrovo

06.06.2016 1:19 PM | No Comments

The training course “Model for active participation and democratic management of youth organizations” is part of a long-term KA2 project – „Democratic governance in youth organization – key to participation”, financed by the Erasmus+ Programme. The project is addressing...

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The MultiKulti Bubble Parade

30.05.2016 3:34 PM | No Comments

There are million ways of celebrating happiness. We celebrated it with a bubble parade. Think of it – what other activity can bring together children and grown-ups, boys and girls, locals and foreigners, with the sole purpose of having...

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[Call for participants] Training course in Mavrovo

26.05.2016 1:03 PM | No Comments

CID is looking for 20 participants for a training course that will take place in Mavrovo, Macedonia, between 16-21 June 2016. If you are: 15 – 20 years old from the area of Municipality of Kumanovo, Lipkovo and Staro Nagoricane...

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MultiKulti 2.0: more workshops, more fun

23.05.2016 4:34 PM | No Comments

The success of the CUBE project prompted us to continue offering young people the opportunity to learn a new skill and make new friends. This season, MultiKulti is offering 4 workshops: Theatre, Recycling Arts, Photography and Career interests. The workshops...

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[Call for participants] Youth Exchange ”ToBeOf”, Kumanovo-Ohrid

23.05.2016 11:10 AM | No Comments

Are you living in Kumanovo, looking for a colorful experience to start your summer with? Do you like meeting new people and create transcontinental friendships? Are you interested in artistic  or outdoor activities that explore your creativity? . ....

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Building bridges with the Vlach culture: the CU TENDA workshops

20.05.2016 3:50 PM | No Comments

In parallel with the MultiKulti workshops that are happening in April and May, a special kind of workshop is being held on a weekly basis: the „Art and Craft” workshop, which is part of the CU TENDA project (see...

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