Youth Exchange in Sharr Mountain- Brezovica

21.06.2016 2:31 PM | No Comments

Project place: Brezovica- Kosovo Project dates: 15th – 26th August 2016 Application deadline 26.06.2016   About the project 30 young people coming from Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria, will gather in the magical mountain of Sharr in...

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Training Course: “ICT competences for online youth participation and stimulating organizational growth”

18.06.2016 9:38 PM | No Comments

Project dates: 15 – 20 July 2016  Project place: Ommen, the Netherlands Application deadline: 21.06.2016   About the project: The project Democratic governance in youth organization – key to participation’ is addressing one of the key issues in youth organizing:...

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35th YEU Convention 2016

10.06.2016 10:32 AM | No Comments

Title: Europe from Scratch Place: Belgium Dates 22.07.2016 – 30.07.2016 Deadline for application: 20.06.2016   ABOUT THE CONVENTION  The Convention will take place between 22-30 of July 2016 in 3 selected venues in Belgium. The countries included are Austria,...

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International Training Course Extremism?! No Thanks!

07.06.2016 10:52 PM | No Comments

Project place Yerevan, Armenia Project date 23 – 30 August, 2016 Deadline for application 9.06.2016   About the training course Recently the world has been reminded about the threat of extremism. This phenomenon is on the rise in Europe. Extremist...

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04.06.2016 10:49 AM | No Comments

Project place Leysin, Switzerland Project dates 9TH – 17TH September 2016 Application deadline 09.06.2016   About the project How do I become an active member of a youth organization? What is the procedure for becoming a youth worker? What...

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Youth Exchange ” Melting Potes”

02.06.2016 12:06 PM | No Comments

Project place Vaunières, Hautes Alpes (France) Project dates 1st to 23rd of August 2016 Application deadline 10.06.2016   Project description:                                  20 participants from Greece, Macedonia, Spain and France (5 by country) will meet for a Youth exchange about gender...

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Seminar “QStand – Quality standards in intercultural projects focusing on active participation – connecting theory and practice”

19.05.2016 2:28 PM | No Comments

  Project place: Saint-Denis-d’Anjou, Mayenne, France Project dates: 2-10 September 2016 Deadline for applications: 05.06.2016   The seminar: Aim: The seminar’s main aim is to inspire organisations to review their own internal process of quality assurance in order to propose...

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16.05.2016 8:24 PM | No Comments

Project place: Kaunas, Vilnius, Lithuania Project dates: 15th – 22th June 2016 Deadline for applications: 19.05.2016   The TRAINING COURSE: Nowadays with the fast change of different audiovisual technologies and growing impact of social networks it is really important...

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14.05.2016 1:06 PM | No Comments

Project place:  Slovenia Project dates:  11th – 18th August 2016 Deadline for applications: 25.05.2016   ABOUT THE EXCHANGE Today we are facing an increasing passivity of young people who, despite the tremendous opportunities offered by today’s society, ideas and...

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TC “Quality volunteering projects for nature conservation in rural areas”

14.05.2016 12:17 PM | No Comments

Project place: Peja- Kosovo Project dates: 25 June – 3 July 2016 Deadline for applications: 18.05.2016   GAIA Kosovo & WWF Adria are organizing 9-day training course for youth workers, volunteers and activists interested in long-term programs for nature...

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