EVS in Romania

04.04.2016 3:18 PM | No Comments

Project place: Craiova, Romania Volunteering period: 03.11.2016 – 05.03.2017 Application deadline:  1 June 2016   “Restart” project comes in the frame of former EVS “Second Chance”, which was implemented by ANTER in 2014/2015 and has establish as a goal...

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Training Course ‘Wake the fiction’

21.03.2016 12:52 PM | No Comments

Project place: Zamość, Poland Project dates: 05-13.05.2016 Deadline for applications: 31.03.2016   Culture is important in every discipline of life. Because of globalization and loosening the borders, because of the internet and other media, young people do not know...

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Training Course “Intercultu(R)eality”

21.03.2016 12:30 PM | No Comments

Project place: Palermo, Sicily Project dates: 8. 05. – 16. 05. 2016 Deadline for applications: 31.03.2016     Intercultur(E)ality is a multi action project with the aim of fight against all kind of racisms, intolerance, extremism movements, through non...

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Training Course “Strategic partnerships and activities for promotion of youth sport work during the European Week of Sport”

21.03.2016 11:43 AM | No Comments

Project place: Novi Sad, Serbia Project dates: 31st May–  8th June 2016. Deadline for applications: 08 April 2016   Ability of sports sector to affect physical activity levels tends to be underutilized & it is recommended to support local authorities...

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Long term EVS

08.03.2016 9:21 AM | No Comments

Project place: Montcombroux- les – Mines, France Volunteering period: September 2016- September 2017 Application deadline:  25 April 2016   The project: Solidarités Jeunesses is an organisation that works for non-formal education. It runs a number of small community centres...

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Youth Exchange ‘Citizens of tomorrow’

07.03.2016 2:32 PM | No Comments

Project place: Marseille/ France Project dates: 17.04 – 23. 04. 2016 Deadline for applications: 11.03.2016   The goal of this project is networking and knowledges sharing between europeans organisation, alongside environmental awareness. The program of the week consist of...

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Youth Exchange ‘ImPARiamo’

03.03.2016 1:27 PM | No Comments

Project place: Celano (Aq), Italy Project dates: 9 – 19 June 2016 Deadline for applications: 20.03.2016   Gender stereotypes continue to exist even today at all levels of society and for all age groups, particularly children come into contact...

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Training course ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’

01.03.2016 1:13 PM | No Comments

Project place: Ommen, the Netherlands Project dates: 25.04 – 03.05.2016 (including travel days) Deadline for applications: 06.03.2016   Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip (JUB) is looking for participants for a training course called “Don’t judge a book by its cover:...

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Youth Exchange ‘Source of power, energy and life –Water’

28.02.2016 8:12 PM | No Comments

Project place: Ključ, Bosnia-Herzegovina Project dates: 24.06.2016 – 03.07.2016 Deadline for applications: 20.03.2016     Our youth exchange will take place in the surrounding of Kljuc, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Youth Exchange will bring together 35 participants from Bosnia,...

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Training course ‘Be part of worlds future’ – Long term training course on global education

15.02.2016 5:09 PM | No Comments

Long term training course on global education: First training: 15 – 24 April 2016 – Sremski Karlovci, Serbia Second training: 21 – 30 October 2016 – Busteni, Romania   Deadline for application: 1 March 2016, 23:59 h.     If...

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