Project place Vaunières, Hautes Alpes (France)

Project dates 1st to 23rd of August 2016

Application deadline 10.06.2016


Project description:                                 

20 participants from Greece, Macedonia, Spain and France (5 by country) will meet for a Youth exchange about gender and sexualities.

In Europe and in the world in general, there are still sexual stereotypes, homophobia is also usual for a lot of people and gender inequalities continue to exist. A lot of people are suffering (discrimination, violence) because of their gender, sexual orientation, because they aren’t in the norm…

Thus, during 3 weeks, the participants of Melting Potes will exchange about their vision of gender, what is meaning for them (in function of their personal story and cultural background).

Together we will try to understand what is “gender”, why there are still stereotypes and inequalities, what is it to be a woman/ a man (in our societies), speak about our bodies, about sexualities, try to overcome our own stereotypes, try to open our mind, be more tolerant… We will think about how fight against discrimination and propose a “tool box” in link with this theme.

Our goal will be to aware other people from the village, the valley, countries of participants, about gender (sexism, homophobia, feminism, inequalities, etc.).


How we will do that?

  • We will talk together, exchange about this topic with some tools of non formal education: brainstorming, world-café, photo-language, expressions games, etc.
  • We will meet people involved in “gender”, involved in fight against discrimination and sexism. We will create link with associations and people.
  • Basically, the first week will be a week of meeting together, understand the topic, create our own opinion and think collectively.

Our goal is to aware ourselves but also other people out of the Youth Exchange. After we understood better the topic, we will start to imagine and create some workshop to share our thinking with other people. And we will lead those workshops during the final event 20th of August: in front of families, children, groups of adults…

You will build together your workshop.  We will have some training before to understand what is a workshop, how to build it, what are the goal of a workshop, how to overcome the language barrier, how to lead it, etc. Also, we will create a tool box together to aware people from your city when you’ll be back in your country.

This project shouldn’t stay in France, we should open it!

Festival Melting Potes, the final event.

20th of august we will organize the festival Melting Potes which is a festival to open our thinking to other people from the area, to propose a cultural event and to close the summer.

It will be family, festive, and happy!

Associative village, workshop, world games, conferences, debates, concerts and world food.

Our role will be to aware people about gender.

We will:

-lead some workshops

-exhibited our productions

-help to organize the festival (hosting artist, prepare the village, decorate it, prepare international meal…)


Where will take place this project?

The project will take place in a little hamlet in heart of Alps Mountains, in France.

This hamlet named Vaunières and it’s an association “Les villages des jeunes” who is the owner of it.
Are living in the village: 7 volunteers from Europe, USA and France, 5 people from the staff and young people with less opportunities who are here for short time or long time. During the week there is also an including team which is working 4 day per week.

All together, we are renovating and taking care about the hamlet, we are hosting groups which are joining us during the workshops, sharing meals with us and collective life.

Our tools are: workshop and collective life. Everybody is participating for everything: cleaning, cooking, feeding chicken, gardening, renovating, etc.

During the Youth Exchange, we will host also in the same times in our village: groups, international work camp, families, hikers… It will be a real bath of interculturality!

So as you understood, Vaunières is a participative place and during the Youth Exchange, the participants will be members of the village and help also for cleaning task.

It will be an intensive experience of living together with a strong cultural and social diversity.

You will sleep under tents, you will share it with one or two persons. The meals will be prepared by our cooker.

Vaunieres is providing  tent, ground carpet. You have to bring a good sleeping bag, a pillow.


Who can apply?

  • 18-30 years old
  • Interested in the topic “gender” and intercultural experience.
  • Ability to work in English
  • Ready to be 100% involved during 3 weeks
  • Able to sleep under tent.


Financial aspects of the project:

Accommodation and food will be covered 100%

Travel costs will be covered up to 170 EUR (reimbursement will be done after receiving all tickets, boarding passes and invoices)

Participation fee NONE

Sending fee 500 MKD 

Apply here!