Long-term project: Social Inclusion through Entrepreneurship

The project “Social Inclusion through Entrepreneurship ” works to ensure more inclusion of citizens with fewer opportunities by providing (social) entrepreneurship education. It is a project where innovation from Germany, Belgium and Macedonia will be exchanged and summarized in a joint publication and it will result with a new curricula as an intellectual output.

The project aims to develop capacity of educators and leaders who are active and experienced in adult learning programmes, to design and deliver educational programmes, to facilitate inclusion and to initiate employability. This will be done by supporting the promotion of social entrepreneurship through adult learning programmes.

The project will explore the possibilities and tools on how to increase participation of citizens with fewer opportunities in the Erasmus+ projects based on the Inclusion Strategy of Erasmus+ and the European Commission’ guidelines for working with migrants and refugees, and good practices, how the organizations can motivate and prepare people to take active part and to gain new skills that will help them for they social and professional development. In this regards, all selected partners have good practices to showcase and will learn from each other but also to disseminate the learned outcomes to other citizens leaders back home and promote the different practices of entrepreneurship education in adult learning programmes.

The project starting date is 01.09.2016 and the ending date is 28.02.2018, with a total duration of 18 months.

Project partners:

The Centre for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is civil society organization working to promote intercultural acceptance and active citizenship through capacity building processes, adult and non-formal education and youth work. The organization is youth-led thus our work focuses on many aspects which are of interest for the local community: from provision of services and information, to research and support for policy-making and networking. CID is a provider of quality Youth Work, Personal and professional development programmes, teacher training and as such is well recognized in Macedonia and Europe for its work. CID is one of the most experienced mobility agencies with contact points across Macedonia, ensuring youth mobility through quality educational exchanges. CID offers as well international volunteering opportunities through summer camps and long term volunteering in Europe and globally. CID focuses on young people and all citizens from diverse religious, ethnic, national and other beliefs who are at the same time creators and beneficiaries of our activities. Our main target group are recent graduates as well as students.

Out of the Box International is a Network which brings together different actors working on social innovation and advocating for a more creative Europe with a main mission to provide fresh ideas and solutions acting as a catalyst for positive changes across Europe and worldwide. Our main goal is to design innovative social projects to respond to the persistent social and economic challenges in order to empower people’s potential and facilitate their active engagement in society.
The organization acts as training provider and offers Educational opportunities for capacity building of NGOs, Business Sector; As organization is running several programmes on European Project Management, Learning and Strategical Thinking, EU Policy Development and CSR Strategies development. Out of the Box International have three main policy areas: Education, Internet, and Social Entrepreneurship. In the educational chapter, we aim at creating tools and policies in formal education & non-formal learning for a knowledge-based society.

Wisamar is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar is accredited by TÜV as education provider according to AZAV principles (employment activities for the Federal Employment Office) and also by the Office for Migration and Refugees as Integration Course Provider. In the AZAV accreditation process the quality management system is audited on an annual basis.
The aim of the organisation is the promotion of education, tolerance and international attitude in all spheres of understanding between different peoples, cultures and education.
The organisation has the following Accreditations:
– AZAV accreditation, Accreditation and Authorization Act for Occupational Promotion
– Integration course provider, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

This project is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme, managed by the Macedonian National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility.