This June we opened the doors for new workshops called ‘English in Action’ to give youngsters an opportunity to improve their English and practice speaking with a native speaker. Workshops are facilitated by EVS volunteer Daniel from Wales. All the participants have been doing very well in developing their English and practicing their debating skills on different subjects. In September it was time to see what they had learned so far.

On the 25th of September there was organized a debating open event called “MultiКулти Question Time”. The first question time event in Multi Kulti history focused on the theme: Equality in Macedonia. All the participants had been given ‘different personalities’ from the Macedonian society to represent. From different points of view according to their given personalities they debated on various questions about equality in Macedonia. After the debate all the audience members had time to ask the debaters questions related to the discussed subject.

Thank you to everybody who came and supported us, we all had a great time!

Our debaters