Are you thinking what to do in the following months?
Would you like to be part of a unique internship experience this spring/summer for 2 months?
Have you thought about all the things you can learn in a successful Youth NGO somewhere in Europe?

After reflecting on this questions we give you this great possibility for a great internship experience!
And we will try to introduce it to you as simple as we can:

WHAT: An all paid (travel, accommodation, food and allowance) internship in an successful NGO in Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey. Find out more info about the project here.

WHY: Because it will be a great possibility for you to develop your professional competencies (working in an international team, following a successful team, build your CV, practice language and etc.)

WHEN: You will be able to chose the exact 2 months for your service. It will have to happen in the period (1st of May to 31st of July 2015). As sooner the better!

WHERE: As we said in 7 different non-govermental organisations all around Europe! Click here to learn more about the partners of the project.

WHO: Every secondary school student that is older than 16 years and is studying in an vocational high school (Economics, Technical and etc.). But also everybody that finished a vocational secondary school last year and did not sign in at any university.

HOW: Read the call for participants that is available on English and Macedonian. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us on: or Or you can always contact us in CID Office, all the contact details are available here.

The entire calls available on Macedonian and English can be found here.

This project is funded trough the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission within the part designated for Vocational Education. 
All interested candidates must be either students in an vocational secondary school or have finished their vocational secondary education last year and have not been enrolled in any university programme.

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