Following the completion of the last series of workshops in the youth center, the CID team identified the need to adapt the concept of MultiКулти to the needs of the young people who showed interest in coming to the youth center. As a result, MultiКулти will start working full-time since July and will provide young people of all ages with various possibilities to have fun and to develop their skills. Besides the already-known workshops that will have a new season very soon, the youth center is accommodating activities for younger visitors, as well as offering the space for young people to implement their own creative ideas.

Ines Fetterley, one of the educational coordinators of the youth center, is presenting shortly the new concept:

MultiКулти – our youth center – was recently reopened after being under reconstruction for a few months. Currently at the center there are two youth workers, awaiting a third one, who are responsible for creating the agenda and planning the activities the kids who come get to enjoy and experience. The ages of kids who visit the youth center are known to vary from 6 years old up to 14 years old, and due to the big age difference, the youth workers have a mixed agenda, accommodating all ages and needs.

The activities range from easy-going and fun like games, to educational ones like language lessons; there is a wide range of possibilities and it’s a great multi-ethnic environment where children and youngsters can learn to interact with each other and express themselves freely. The youth center is open Monday-Friday from 10:30 to 16:00.

As summer is a convenient time for the youth in Kumanovo to get involved in extracurricular activities, our doors are always open for those who want to use their free time in a fun and productive way!

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The youth center is being supported by UNDP Macedonia through the project ”MultiКулти Social Youth Services”