Young people who are interested to get involved into youth work and non-formal education, very often are faced with a number of difficult questions to which they struggle to get proper answers. Should that be a reason why some of these young people quit the idea of engaging themselves into youth work? We believe that all of us involved in the field of non-formal education have the responsibility to provide suitable support for the young people in the process of finding themselves and finding what they really want to become or do with their lives.

From 9th until 17th September 2016 on the Swiss Alps in Leysin, Switzerland. our organization was represented by two participants who took part in the project which was organized by SUBKULT – Association for Mobility and Exchange. The training course had an aim to empower young people to engage actively in youth organizations and develop their understanding of non-formal education and thereby develop their social, personal and professional development and competences. More details you can see and read from the blog:

Our participants were engaged into a learning process together with 30 other young people from 15 countries who were also contributing with their experience, opinions and ideas. The countries involved: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Switzerland. The participants were stimulated to actively participate in youth organizations and projects in their local community when they are going back home. Further, they were encouraged to engaged in leadership roles in youth work and were introduced to the basic principles and standards of youth work and non-formal education/learning.

After coming back home, the participants made some commitments to themselves that they will continue with the work in the field of youth work on local level and together with their colleagues from the project they will try to organize again new projects which will have similar aims and objectives. We strongly support the young people in their process of personal and professional development and we will continue implementing other initiatives which are coming directly from the young people. At the same time, we continue the cooperation with SUBKULT for other possible project in future.

Watch some videos that were made during the training course below: