Tamara Petrusevska spent two months this Summer volunteering in Chiari, Italy. Her mobility is part of the project ”Volunteering for Acceptance and Tolerance”, supported by the Erasmus+ programme.

Her project was diverse in terms of activities: for seven weeks she was part of the summer camp: ”The children coming to the summer camp were between 6 and 14 years old, they were coming from all the surrounding villages; we were playing different games with them during the day, and we were also making sure they would be safe and follow the daily programme”, says Tamara.

Tamara was also helping in the local kindergarten, where she had the chance to work with children from families with migrant background coming from African and Middle Eastern countries; she also helped in the office with logistics and translation. During her stay there she took part in an international training course, helping in the organisational part of the event. She also learned about how an office is managed and how the mobility office of a youth organisation works.

”I enjoyed all the activities that I was part of – the camp, the kidnergarten, being in the office…. We were speaking mostly Italian with the children, but also English with the other volunteers. My language skills improved visibly during the two months spent there”, thinks Tamara. She came back with a luggage full of positive energy and warm memories.

”Since I can use my chance to have another long-term EVS experience, I would love to do it in Italy again”. Even in such a short time as two months of volunteering one can learn a lot and discover for oneself a new world of possibilities.