On November 11th  2016, the Youth Voice Macedonia team came to the Nace Bugjoni technical school in Kumanovo. Supported by CID members, one of the advocacy initiative groups created after the training courses held in Summer organised an event in the school that aimed at collecting information from the students about what problems they encounter as youth and what solutions they can propose for these problems.

For 2 hours, the students were walking between several panels with questions and writing down their opinions and proposals.  The questions were the following:

  • How can we better organize in school in order to protect our rights?
  • Your proposal for a better school
  • Problems that you encounter often in your school
  • My idea for a better youth mobilization

All the ideas were collected and will be summarized in a document which will be submitted to the management team of the school. CID together with the management team of the school and in collaboration with the students will try to meet these requirements. This activity was conducted in order to show students that their voice has a right to be heard and that they should look for the available instruments to exercise this right. It also had the intention to show our commitment as an organisation to deliver the results of the research to the decision-makers and bring both sides closer in order to identify solutions to the mentioned problems.

This event was part of the “Youth Voice Macedonia” project, which targets several schools from Kumanovo, among which the technical school Nace Bugjoni, the gymnasium Goce Delchev, and a school from the Lipkovo and Staro Nagoricane localities.

Some photos from the event: