Between 24-29 of April, a group of NGO representatives and experts gathered in Etno Selo, Macedonia, for a joint staff training as part of the project KA2: Strategic partnership for adult education – Migrants Not Excluded (MINE). The project is a KA2 longterm partnership between 9 European partners, supported by the European COmmission through the Erasmus+ Programe.

The training was a 6-day experiential learning on the following good practices: first support/hotspots, language teaching, arts for learning and non-formal education. The good practices that were mapped in the process were coming from the Turkish, Greek, German and Lithuanian organisations. As part of the seminar, the group also visited the refugee camp in Tabanovce.

Besides defining and sharing good practices in the field of integrating refugees from other countries, the participants also got to visit different activists and to learn about local practices that are being implemented by active NGOs in the field.

The next step in the project will be another joint staff training that will happen in Greece, continuing to collect good practices. The aim of these two activities is to implement the given practices in the local context and to assess their applicability.