Title: Europe from Scratch

Place: Belgium

Dates 22.07.2016 – 30.07.2016

Deadline for application: 20.06.2016



The Convention will take place between 22-30 of July 2016 in 3 selected venues in Belgium.
The countries included are Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, FYROM/Macedonia, Portugal, Poland, Turkey and United Kingdom gathering 55 young people from YEU member organizations. Call is open also for other YEU Member Organizations within certain travel costs limits! Feel free to apply! 
If you want to know your travel costs limits, contact YEU Administrative office.

The aim of the convention is to challenge youngsters with various ways in order to reflect together on how to recreate Europe from scratch (which values, which roots, which principles: what to keep and what to change?) and on how to manage this newborn European community.

IYC16 will lead participants to reflect together on what to keep and what to change, and finally to elaborate an agenda for the future of Europe (a youth perspective on the future of Europe). All the activities that will be carried out during Convention will be based on non-formal education methods and experiential outdoor education.



When we think of the word “youth”, specially in Europe, the first things we associate it with are energy, creativity, passion and enthusiasm. Yet, there is another side of this coin as well; inactivity, disappointment, resignation and indignation. And unfortunately, there is a big percentage of young people in Europe -and even the majority in some European countries- that represent the negative one. In order to face all the over mentioned criticisms, but also to be able to tackle future challenges and arising questions, it is necessary to start from the sense of “belonging” in Europe and from the idea of Europe as a shared identity and values. The development of European identity, in fact, is an unfinished business which risks to jeopardize the concept of Europe itself and that has to be addressed: is a common European identity possible? what are the values and ideals that bring us together as European citizens and how can we awake and embed them in us? How does this affect the young people and their inclusion and participation?



•to investigate current trends and issues in Europe, above all those more closely affecting young people, youth workers and youth organizations;
•to identify and create tools and methodologies that will help youth organizations to deal with a changing Europe and with future scenarios;
•to give young people the opportunity to recreate Europe from scratch, and therefore reflect on values/ideals, objectives, frameworks, institutions, relationships at the base of it; 
•to spread the information and increase awareness on the future of Europe by creating and disseminating a shared “Agenda for future of Europe”. 



Non-formal education methods will be used throughout the youth exchange as we strongly believe in its power to develop the competences of young people. In this process of learning, there are no teachers and students. The activities are organized according to the needs of the participants while the sharing of experiences in healthy environments of trust and mutual respect is encouraged.


Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU) is an International Non-Governmental Youth Organization established in 1986 and member of the European Youth Forum in Brussels as an INGYO. YEU looks forward to increase tolerance and awareness between different countries, cultures and traditions, and to promote a greater level of comprehension through the development of various youth activities.

The main aim of YEU is to promote peace, understanding and cooperation between the young people of the world, in a spirit of respect for human rights. YEU is a non-profit making youth organization independent of all political affiliation, run by young people for young people by means of a democratic structure. Visit our website for more details about YEU: http://www.yeu-international.org/



•Between the age range of 18 to 30; 
•Are able to work in English;
•Are committed to work for the successful implementation of the convention;
•Full attendance for the duration of the Convention;
•At least basic knowledge on the topics of the Convention. 



YEU International will cover all costs related to accommodation.
Travel costs will be covered yo to 170 EUR (Reimbursements will be done based on actual travel costs upon presenting the original documents receipts of the ticket, boarding pass and invoices of credit card that was used for buying the tickets for online payments.) 


Participation fee 50 EUR

Sending fee 500 MKD