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Addressing gender-based violence: Training Course in Lithuania

This February I joined a team of young people for a training that happened in Kaunas, Lithuania, between 9th and 16th of February. The training was addressing gender issues, including gender based violence (GBV) and gender inequality. During the...

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Intercultural dinner: the Polish night

The intercultural dinner is a tradition that the EVS volunteers decided to celebrate every month. On the 13th of February, we organized the first edition of the intercultural dinner in the office of CID. Everyone who wanted to join our activity...

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CID’s  ‘Learning with a Click’ Programme

Since this January CID started the online educational programme ‘Learning with a Click’ . This online programme comprises several online courses on topics such as communication skills, project management and employment representation; its main aim is...

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Youth Exchange ‘Hand in hand with disabled people’, Turkey

Project dates: 15 – 23 April 2015 Project place: Sivas, Turkey Deadline for application: URGENT CALL!   The participants in the project should be willing to work with people with disabilities, have experienced or who want to experience how it is to...

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Training Course “Balkan(re)vision”

Project dates: 26.04. – 05.05.2015 Project place: Kastoria (Kostur), Greece  Deadline for application: 15.03.2015     The training “Balkan (re) vision” will take place in Kastoria for 10 days (26/04 – 5/05/2015) bringing 32 youth workers together. Participants are...

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Training Course ‘Inform and be informed’

Project dates: 20 – 29 April 2015 Project place: Rizvan City, Croatia Deadline for application: 15. 03. 2015   The organization Outward Bound Croatia is organizing a training course ‘Inform and be informed’ in the heart of the national park Velebit,...

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Youth Exchange ‘Every human has rights’

Project dates: 18 – 25.07.2015 Project venue: Agros, Cyprus  Deadline for application: 31.03.2015   The theme of the project is promoting Human Rights and aims at making the participants aware of their European Citizenship and the active role they can play in the development of human...

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Training Course ‘Clothes make the man? Reverse the stereotypes and fight against discrimination with theatre costume design techniques as a tool for the youth work’ – Germany

Project dates: 27.03. – 05.04.2015 Project venue: Potsdam, Germany Deadline for application: 26.02.2015     Clothes play a very important role in nowadays society. Most of us know that appearance matters in first impressions, but clothing can also tap...

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Training Course ‘So close, yet so far’ – Slovakia

Project dates: 31.03. – 08.04.2015 Project venue: Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia  Deadline for application: URGENT CALL   YEES is a non-profit organization supporting initiatives in education, training and youth in Slovakia. As a leading independent organization, YEES focuses on mobility, cooperation...

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Training Course ‘Via You to yOUR Youth’ – Estonia

Project dates: 22 – 30.05.2015 Project venue: Väiko-Härmä, Võrumaa, Estonia Deadline for applications: 11.03.2015     Training course “Via You to yOUR Youth” is a multilateral training course aimed to support youth initiative through increasing the competencies of youth leaders...

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