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Let’s Twist and Dance!

This month we decided to prove that we do not only gather for work! One short but sunny autumn day, the team of Center for Intercultural Dialogue came up with a great idea to invite some of the youth...

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Simply a generation ahead

40 years ago, a group of forward-thinking idealists created the Young European Federalists (JEF), to fight for and promote the idea of federalization of Europe. At times when Monnet’s master plan was hugely contested, they foresaw the importance of...

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We are all human

At t the beginning of October this year a group of four young people from Kumanovo set of to Leskovac, Serbia for a youth exchange called ‘We Are All Human’ to represent Macedonia, oh and their leader was Welsh?!...

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Youth Assembly 2012

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in cooperation with the European Youth Centre Strasbourg and the Youth sector of the Council of Europe, from 4-8 October 2012 hold the Youth Assembly 2012 “Youth and democracy: the young generation sacrificed?”....

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Valuing the Volunteer Experience – SCI Exchange Evaluation Meeting

SCI Exchange Evaluation Meeting (EEM) was organized from 16-20 October in Edinburg, Scotland, by IVS a British branch of Service Civil International (SCI). The EEM is an annual event for evaluation of the workcamp season and exchange activities implemented...

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My MultiKulti Story – radio dream!

Hi, I’m Mila and I’m 15 years old. I’m a high school student from Kumanovo, Macedonia and this is my story about how I made my “radio” dream came true. Last March I heard about activities at the Multi...

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Kumanovo is definitely female

Kumanovo – Куманово –Kumanovë So they asked me to write an article about my EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Kumanovo. I’m not really sure what to say, I am not your average EVS, I have been visiting Kumanovo and...

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May I Introduce You to the New EVS?

Dobar den! October didn’t bring only the cold and rainy weather to Kumanovo; it also brought three new volunteers! Paulina from Poland, and Vivien and Rosalie from Germany. And now they are going to introduce themselves: Hi everyone! I`m...

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Drama Workshop in Skopje

Do you remember Mila’s article about a youth exchange made in the framework of YUWG (young unemployed working group of international network SCI-Service Civil International)? A wonderful outcome with an idea exactly from this project is going on currently, facilitated by...

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Symposium on Youth Policy Cooperation in South East-Europe: focus on recognition of youth work & non-formal learning

From the 1st to 3rd of October, CID was present on the regional Symposium on Youth Policy Cooperation in South East-Europe: focus on recognition of youth work & non formal learning. The Symposium was held in Tirana, Albania, and focused on...

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