Local meeting of organisations of Kumanovo: designing an action plan for European accession

07.10.2015 12:35 PM | No Comments

On October 6th CID facilitated the organisation of a meeting in which members of local organisations came together to network and to discuss the participation in a project led by the Macedonian Center For European Training from Skopje. The...

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#baction2015 strikes again with a Flash Mob

25.09.2015 11:29 AM | No Comments

Encouraging active youth participation has always been a key priority for CID. This time, the youth of Kumanovo was invited to participate in a flashmob organized on the Main Square and involving members of the CID Volunteer Club, a...

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A fresh start with CID Academy

15.09.2015 9:49 AM | No Comments

September marks a new stage for CID and its members: the long-awaited CID Academy has started. After two previous successful editions, the CID School of Leaders is a different kind of school, which will lead 15 participants through the...

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Youth leaders from Kosovo’s Play International visit MultiKulti

07.09.2015 12:38 PM | No Comments

Sometimes young people choose not to rest on Sundays – they know how to use their time at its best. One of these warm and beautiful Sundays, a group of youth leaders representing the branch of Play International in...

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Kumanovo! Energize your Spring with the EVS team!

20.03.2015 12:18 AM | No Comments

After spending the winter indoors, the volunteers of Center for Intercultural Dialogue launched an event calendar for the following weeks to celebrate the upcoming spring. Weekly events were created with the aim of taking CID-actions outside the office and...

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Local Youth Councils, a step toward participative local youth policies

20.03.2015 12:06 AM | No Comments

Since 2014, CID in cooperation with the Youth Educational Forum (MOF) is working on a project ‘Development of local Youth Councils in 12 Municipalities’ aiming to develop youth representative structures such as local youth councils and to support participation...

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Flashmob on No Hate Speech Online: volunteers tell their stories

19.03.2015 11:55 PM | No Comments

On the 19-20 of February, three schools in Kumanovo were lighted by the energy of young people participating in a flashmob, organized in the framework of the No Hate Speech Campaign. The flashmob took place in the primary schools...

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The students’ movement in Macedonia: a plead for equal representation

19.03.2015 11:31 PM | No Comments

During the past months Macedonia has been shaken by protests organized by students dissatisfied with the current status-quo of the educational system. By now everybody heard of it in one way or another, since the phenomenon is covered by...

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Open Day with the Youth Council in Lipkovo

12.03.2015 3:16 PM | No Comments

In the process of consolidation of the Youth Council in Lipkovo, its members are taking a step further by creating a Youth Club. On March 7, the board of the Youth Council organized an ”Open Day with the Youth...

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Learning the ABC of Entrepreneurship: training course for young people

12.03.2015 9:30 AM | No Comments

With entrepreneurship becoming a widely discussed topic, more and more young people are interested in learning more about how to get acquainted with basic concepts of entrepreneurship and how to get started with a business idea in mind. For...

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