The initiative board from Lipkovo steps forward towards the establishment of a Youth Council

26.11.2014 11:01 PM | No Comments

The Initiative Board of the Lipkovo Municipality keeps working hard on improving their skills and developing the action plan. On the 21-22 of November they gathered for the last training which ended the cycle of trainings in this phase...

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Enhancing the capacities of the school unions: workshop on youth participation

25.11.2014 5:38 PM | No Comments

On the 17th and 18th of November the members of the School Unions from the Goce Delchev High School and Hristijan Karpos Primary School had the opportunity to take part in a workshop meant to develop their skills as...

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International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism – movie screening at CID

10.11.2014 7:15 PM | No Comments

To mark the International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism, Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) organized a promotion campaign to raise awareness about the topic by spreading campaign materials and inviting people to come to a movie screening. The movie presented...

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CID in action: Activities to look forward to

06.11.2014 3:20 PM | No Comments

There are plenty of activities coming this end of the year! Because the temperatures are getting lower and the days are gloomier, CID invites everybody to get involved in some interesting and energizing activities. This is what will happen...

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Combating Hate Speech in Macedonia at its 3rd edition

22.10.2014 1:10 PM | No Comments

The fight against hate speech in Macedonia continues – this Fall the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) implemented the third annual “School against Hate Speech”, as part of the National Campaign Committee in Macedonia, with technical support from the...

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Training “How to make advocacy campaigns”, Sveti Nikole, 18-19 October 2014

20.10.2014 2:26 PM | No Comments

  What is an advocacy campaign? Where do you start if you have a good idea about contributing to the development of your community? What kind of problems does the youth in your community encounter? Ten young people from...

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Turkish lessons are starting at Multi Kulti in Kumanovo!

29.07.2014 8:32 AM | No Comments

For this summer, we promise a dynamic and energetic summertime We invite you, for a New Workshop: «Learn Turkish language with FUN» starting at the beginning of August  2014. We will start with basic, the Alphabet, the numbers, but then we...

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The summer season of Multi Kulti begin soon

18.06.2014 1:49 PM | No Comments

For this summer, we promise a dynamic and energetic summertime Following  from previous lessons organized by the CID I invite you, for a New Workshop: «Learn French with Fun in KUMANOVO» begin on the end of June 2014. I propose for...

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CID Started the Evaluation meeting

07.06.2014 11:27 AM | No Comments

With 50 youth workers, from 35 European countries and team of 10, yesterday we started the Evaluation meeting titled Role of Youth in Action in Youth Work Development. This meeting aims to evaluate the level of development of local youth...

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Presenting the results of the findings from the research of civil society in Eastern Macedonia

06.12.2013 12:06 PM | No Comments

Dates of  the project:  November/December 2013  Financed and Supported by:  IPA – Macedonia-Bulgaria cross-border programme Short description: Center for Intercultural Dialogue of Kumanovo within the project “NETworking for Efficient and Sustainable Civil Society across the Border” implemented in partnership with...

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