Flashmob on No Hate Speech Online: volunteers tell their stories

19.03.2015 11:55 PM | No Comments

On the 19-20 of February, three schools in Kumanovo were lighted by the energy of young people participating in a flashmob, organized in the framework of the No Hate Speech Campaign. The flashmob took place in the primary schools...

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The students’ movement in Macedonia: a plead for equal representation

19.03.2015 11:31 PM | No Comments

During the past months Macedonia has been shaken by protests organized by students dissatisfied with the current status-quo of the educational system. By now everybody heard of it in one way or another, since the phenomenon is covered by...

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Open Day with the Youth Council in Lipkovo

12.03.2015 3:16 PM | No Comments

In the process of consolidation of the Youth Council in Lipkovo, its members are taking a step further by creating a Youth Club. On March 7, the board of the Youth Council organized an ”Open Day with the Youth...

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Learning the ABC of Entrepreneurship: training course for young people

12.03.2015 9:30 AM | No Comments

With entrepreneurship becoming a widely discussed topic, more and more young people are interested in learning more about how to get acquainted with basic concepts of entrepreneurship and how to get started with a business idea in mind. For...

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Networking for Youth: CID talks about the role of youth in peace building

09.02.2015 1:33 PM | No Comments

During the winter holidays, Center for Intercultural Dialogue has recharged its batteries, getting ready for addressing old challenges with new forces. On January 28, Matej Manevski attended the meeting with the members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council...

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Workshop on No Hate Speech Online @ CID

26.01.2015 1:37 PM | No Comments

On the 24th of January the office of CID hosted a workshop on the topic of ”No Hate Speech Online”. The workshop was organized by Ana Nicolic and Ivo Gospodinov as a follow-up of the Training of Trainers on...

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The Youth Council of Lipkovo holds first event in the Municipality

25.12.2014 10:20 AM | No Comments

The Initiative Board from Lipkovo is working towards establishing a Youth Council in Lipkovo and last week it organized an essay contest which ended with an award ceremony, held on December 18th in the municipality of Lipkovo. The activity...

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E-Society.mk International Conference at its 10th anniversary: Human Rights on the Internet

12.12.2014 4:27 PM | No Comments

On December 11th the Metamorphosis Foundation organized the 10th International Conference “E-Society.mk: Human Rights on the Internet”. The conference gathered over a hundred people in the City Hall of Skopje with the aim to discuss the freedom of expression,...

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Supporting activism: the birth of a youth organisation in Kriva Palanka

12.12.2014 10:33 AM | No Comments

The group from Kriva Palanka which attended the training organized by CID in October decided to take a step forward towards establishing a youth organisation. After successfully implementing their first project, the enthusiastic young people decided that they want...

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Youth Organizations Consider That They Possess Capacities for Participation in the Decision-making Process: Conference “Youth Policy and Youth Participation in Creating Policies”

10.12.2014 3:55 PM | No Comments

A “Youth Policy and Youth Participation in Creating Policies” Conference was held on 9th December 2014, at the Stone Bridge Hotel, organized by the National Youth Council of Macedonia in collaboration with the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation. The conference presented the...

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