TC – “Youth Sports Workers in action” 25.03 – 02.04.2014 Novi Sad, Serbia

30.12.2013 1:24 PM | No Comments

About the training course Training course “Youth Sports Workers in action” aims to empower our youth workers willing to develop and organise sport and health-enhancing physical activities with youngsters in their communities. It gathers 27 participants from 9 countries...

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25.12.2013 11:30 PM | No Comments

CID in collaboration with Center for Youth Activism KRIK and the University “Goce Delcev” (Faculty for Tourism, Business and Logistics) organized one-day training about creative marketing. The workshop was facilitated by Martina Nevidanska, EVS volunteer at CID and Viktorija...

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The Future Mayors of Kumanovo in Debate

25.12.2013 11:29 PM | No Comments

In line with the local elections in Macedonia, The Young European Federalists (JEF) Macedonia, organized a political debate with the mayoral candidates in the city of Kumanovo. This was one of JEF Macedonia’s first big public events and the...

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Towards a Macedonian National Youth Council

25.12.2013 11:28 PM | No Comments

A country-wide consultation on the establishment of a National Youth Council (NYC) in Macedonia has begun. The country has one of the youngest populations in Europe and it is one of the few countries in the region without a...

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Some Fresh Meat – new EVS from Sofia

25.12.2013 11:26 PM | No Comments

Olga Nikolaeva Ivanova is doing her two months service as part of the project “Ajde Makedonija: Exchange of European Experiences in Youth Work”, implemented within the Youth in Action Programme, under the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and...

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Wipe out Hate From the City Walls

25.12.2013 11:24 PM | No Comments

CID joined the European Week against racism by raising awareness of Kumanovo’s citizens about hate speech and swastika in graffiti around the city. The town authorities and the people in general qualify these graffiti as “children play” so the...

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National Campaign “No Hate Speech Online” Launched

25.12.2013 11:23 PM | No Comments

On 22.3.2013 The Agency for Youth and Sport announced the start of the National Campaign Against Hate Speech Online in Macedonia. The Agency organized the press conference in which the director Mr. Lazar Popovski, gave overview of the campaign...

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Vote, be heard!

25.12.2013 11:21 PM | No Comments

Promoting youth participation in politic processes is a project of the Coalition of Youth Organisations SEGA, which promotes democratic values, encourages youth participation and voting in the recent local elections. As part of this project the local youth council...

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Towards a Youth Support System- Regional Networking Event

25.12.2013 11:20 PM | No Comments

Center for Intercultural Dialogue organized a half-day meeting for networking within the initiative to professionalize, develop and recognize youth work in Macedonia. The regional networking of organizations in the Northeast Region was held on 27 March in the Round...

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Public Debate for Establishment of National Youth Council

25.12.2013 11:18 PM | No Comments

Maybe you already have heard in case you are not Macedonian National Youth council is finally here, it is happening. Since last year youth organizations in Macedonia started the initiative for establishment of National Youth Council, as a platform...

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