International Guests For International Dialogue

25.12.2013 11:17 PM | No Comments

The new generation of United World Colleges (UWC) were here in Macedonia from 1st till 8th of March. They were travelling through Macedonia, getting to know the local culture and the work of NGO’s.Тhe UWC are only 12 schools...

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New Season for the MultiКулти Youth Radio

25.12.2013 11:15 PM | No Comments

The spring brings new waves in the Multi-Kulti Youth Radio. With freshen up programme and team we are ready to rock and bring youth opinion forward. The Multi Kulti Youth Radio is at the moment the only multilingual and youth online...

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One Step to More Professionality- Weekend School for Internet and Radio Activism

25.12.2013 11:13 PM | No Comments

On the 9th and 10th of February, CID and Multi Kулти Youth Radio organized weekend school for internet and radio activism. The weekend school gathered the Multi Kулти Youth Radio volunteers and other young journalists and musicians interested to become activists...

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Christmas by Candlelight in CID

25.12.2013 10:53 PM | No Comments

On the 7th of January, the date of Orthodox Christmas, CID made a lovely get-together in the office. Many members and volunteers of the organization gathered there and brought some leftovers from the day before to share with everyone....

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Macedonian Christmas vs. Volunteer Christmas

25.12.2013 10:45 PM | No Comments

The two volunteers of CID, Kevin from America and Rosalie from Germany wrote their experiences of the Christmas time in Macedonia and compared it with the way they are celebrating at home. This is the way Kevin usually celebrates...

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Advocacy For Human Rights

25.12.2013 10:42 PM | No Comments

The young activists from Demokratska Mladina (Democracy youth) – Delcevo holded a tribune for human rights due to the day of human rights, on 10th December. The tribune was led by secondary school students, activists of a non-governmental organization,...

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My EVS in Gdansk

25.12.2013 9:59 PM | No Comments

The nine months I spent as an EVS volunteer in Gdansk, Poland were the best time of my life so far – months full of joy, happiness and understanding where learning, exploring and teaching were one of the most...

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Welcome, Eduardo

25.12.2013 9:58 PM | No Comments

Hi Everyone,  My name is Eduardo, I am from Portugal and I will be volunteer in CID, Kumanovo Macedonia, for the next 7 months. I’m just starting to get in touch with this new city, new country, new people and...

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Peace Corp Volunteer Sam

25.12.2013 9:53 PM | No Comments

We welcome a new American Peace Corp Volunteer in Kumanovo. Sam arrived in October and he will stay for two years in Macedonia. (Sam is on the right handside 😉 ) I was born in New Jersey, near the...

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Call for Participants – Study Visit to Balkans

25.12.2013 9:51 PM | No Comments

CID has been a member of SCI’s SAVA working group since 2007. Jointly as a member of SAVA and SCI, CID will co-host a study visit to the Shopska region on the topic of inclusive volunteering and youth work...

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