International TC “Volunteering in rural areas”

18.12.2013 1:03 PM | No Comments

Bujrum Center for Rural Development hosted an international training course which gathered 20 participants from Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Poland, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, UK, and Macedonia. The training course “Volunteering in rural areas” took place from 17-25 April in the village of Pelince,...

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Macedonia Model United Nations – Kumanovo

17.12.2013 1:08 PM | No Comments

Macedonia Model United Nations (MMUN) is a simulation of the United Nations aimed towards the education of high school participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations agenda. Participants will research a country, take...

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Kumanovo Fever radio show

06.12.2013 7:28 AM | No Comments

  The idea of the radio to connect the young people in our town is an old one and there were always judgments about it. People thought it would never work because young people aren’t motivated enough. We wanted...

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Sending opportunities

06.12.2013 7:26 AM | No Comments

Hey there newsletter readers! We are very happy that we have had several new opportunities in the past month, and we are very happy to share this news with you all. During March and April around 20 young people...

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Creativity in Activity

06.12.2013 7:22 AM | No Comments

Just few days ago I came back from a Training Course named ‘Creativity in Activity’ that was held in Serbia (Leskovac and Belgrade).  The training was organised by Recourse Center Leskovac, in the frame of YEU International partnerships. The training...

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My MultiKulti Story

06.12.2013 7:19 AM | No Comments

Sara’s Macedonia story I had a great time while I was participating in Multi-Kulti. I participated in many activities such as Drama, Creative drawing and many flash mobs. In MultiKulti I learnt a lot of new fun games (drama), I...

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CID volunteers around the world

05.12.2013 10:29 PM | No Comments

Anita volunteer story My name is Anita, I’m 29 years old and come from Kumanovo. At the moment I am an EVS in Gdansk, in Poland. I work for an organisation called Caritas. My job is to work with...

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Walestonia Evening

05.12.2013 10:24 PM | No Comments

On the 17th of February CID members, staff and friends shared a happy occasion to welcome our two new EVS volunteers who will be living and working in Kumanovo in the upcoming 9 months. Daniel and Sandra organised the...

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Multicultural classes in school

05.12.2013 10:22 PM | No Comments

New season of extracurricular activities with schools has started. CID regularly collaborates with the schools in Kumanovo, and as part of this collaboration we implement extracurricular activities on topic of Multiculturalism, aiming to strength the capacund. Apart from students, also...

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Step by Step in mentoring of EVS

05.12.2013 10:18 PM | No Comments

From the 3rd – 11th of March, CID organised the training course “Step by Step in mentoring of EVS”. The training aimed to provide an introduction into mentoring and competence development for EVS mentors. This project was developed in...

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