Republic of Youth

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On February 21st, CID hosted a public debate that discussed the profile, problems and priorities of young people in Kumanovo. The debate was part of the “Youth Republic” events, organized by the ‘Initiative for Defence of Youth Participation’, a...

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Republic of Youth

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History The organizations that took the initiative to defend youth participation and submitted proposals to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia for amendments to the proposed law believe that the withdrawal of the draft-text is useful and that...

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UNITED for Intercultural Action Meeting

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UNITED for Intercultural Action is an European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. UNITED is the largest pan-European anti-racism network of more than 560 organisations from 46 countries: UNITED to promote the rights...

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Work & camp!

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As you might know Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is part of Service Civil International (SCI). SCI is one of the world’s largest international volunteering organizations with more than ninety years of experience and mainly works with work camps....

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CID volunteers around the world

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Hi! I’m Florim and I am currently doing my Erasmus in Groningen, Netherlands.  One of the hardest decisions to made for me was to leave volunteering and youth work activities in CID. But, on the other hand, Holland was a new...

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My Multi Култи Story: Multiethnic Online Radio rocks!

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Hi! I’m Elena, and I’m 15 years old high school student from Kumanovo, Macedonia. Last summer I took part in the Media and journalism program of Multi Kulti Youth Center. It was my first time working in a multiethnic...

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The Road to Kumanovo!

05.12.2013 9:45 PM | No Comments

So in Febuary 2012 I have found myself residing in Kumanovo, How the came about is a strange story and not you usual EVS story.  Back in 2010 I was a Youth Worker for Cardiff Youth Service when one...

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“What kind of Law do We Need?”

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On 23 December 2011, Center for Intercultural Dialogue organized in Kumanovo a panel discussion titled “What kind of law on youth we need?”. The panel gathered representatives of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, the Youth Education Forum, the Coalition of...

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Step by step in mentoring EVS

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The training course “Step by Step in mentoring of EVS” will aim to provide an introduction into mentoring and competence development for EVS mentors. This project is developed in the framework of the European Year of Volunteering aiming to...

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It’s All About Youth Work in the Upcoming CID Projects!

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Each January the management team of CID together with the staff members discusses and develops several projects for the Youth in Action programme. Our strategy 2012- 2015 was one of the guidelines when developing these projects, and within it,...

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