Project place: Ankara, Turkey

Project dates:

Round 4: 1st of August – 30th of September 2017

Application deadline ON GOING!

Summary of the Project
The NesilFEST (Generation Festival) was developed as an output of the local project called AYNA which our organization implemented last year in cooperation with Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy. The idea of the project is to organize a better communication between youth and elderly people, by involving them in different activities. The Project consists of diverse modules for the development of different skills and competences.
We have planned a learning-oriented course for our volunteers in preparation-execution-dissemination of NesilFEST. In an age that intergenerational interaction is declining, we want to carry out the NesilFEST, which is the product of a successfully completed project called Active Lifestyle-Oriented Inter-generational Interaction Model Project, four times a year. During the project, which is an example of social entrepreneurship, mainly non-formal education methods will be used and “meeting of generations” themed activities and workshops will be held.

Within the framework of NesilFEST preparations, there are modules to be applied:
– Consideration and Dialogue oriented Volunteering for Generation: 5 o’clock teas will be organized, journeys will be planned, young and elderly individuals will improve their communication by musical and trekking activities.
– Technology and Information Retrieval Oriented Volunteering for Generation: Young volunteers will explain to the elders how the internet, computers and cell phones work. Being able to use communication technologies in times of need/crisis will increase the quality of life of the elder population.
– Experience Sharing oriented Volunteering for Generation: In this module, memories, knowledge, experiences and photos of artists and craftsmen are shared.

Description of Hosting Organization
S&G: System and Generation Association was established in 2008. The aim of our organization is to make young people integrated into the society, encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them acquire knowledge and qualification, getting them to know young people from different cultures, empowering sympathy and tolerance, improving cooperation
and encouraging European cooperation with young people, supporting the cooperation between the international institutions.
System and Generation gets into the act about; increasing of economic growth, providing efficiency about increasing of production, sustaining the production, sustainability that cares socioeconomic needs and planning that analyze the problems, and also with the belief of projecting Process, considering co-working culture by reaching this target as the
best way, combining the systems which made in EU and creativity of our citizens especially the youth.

Partner Countries:
Each round 1 volunteer from every partner country will participate on the project coming from: Macedonia, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine and Georgia. Every round will be 7 volunteers and in total 28 volunteers.

Objectives/ Activities/ Tasks
This programme has been planned under the spirit of EVS and focused on the following learning objectives:
● Communication in the mother tongue
● Communication in foreign languages
● Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
● Digital competence
● Learning to learn
● Social and civic competence
● Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
● Cultural awareness and expression

EVS volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in many different activities and projects throughout the EVS

The tasks of the volunteers:
▪Task 1- Organizing/ assisting / facilitating physical activities for elderly (physical exercises), games, cultural
visits, walks in the Nature
▪Task 2- Representing his/her culture during cultural events (indoor & outdoor activities)
▪Task 3- Participating in fund raising activities (selling handmade stuff in NesilKAFE or NesilKARAVAN)
▪Task 4- Organizing workshops (handicraft, cooking, activities with kids)
Task 5- Organizing service and leisure for elderly
Task 6- Taking photos, videos about the events, working on video production updating the website of S&G, and working on promotion materials
Task 7- Organizing cultural events (dance evenings, song evenings, theatre, and music).
Task 8-Preparing YouTH telegraph and Video of the project

The volunteer will work 7 hours per day, 5 days per week. Sundays and Mondays are free. Holidays: the volunteer will have two consecutive days off per week and will also have two days of holiday per month for the whole duration of the EVS project. Sometimes the volunteer will give a hand on projects at weekends. In this case, the volunteer will have compulsory days off. Turkish Language Lessons are the compulsory part of the weekly schedule

Financial Conditions
Volunteer will receive:
*Food Money – € 120 per month (in Turkish currency). Half at the first week of the month, second half on the third week of the month.
*Pocket Money – € 80 per month (in Turkish currency). Payments will be done in cash within first 5 days of each month.

*Travel cost will be covered up to 275 € for return ticket. (Reimbursement will be done after we receive all the original boarding passes, tickets and invoices)


To apply for EVS vacancy sends your CV and Motivation letter at and with the subject: “NesilFEST2017