Project timeline

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Transnational meetings

The transnational meetings gathered representatives from each of the partners, but also the experts developing the publication, in order to discuss relevant things connected to the project, follow the success of the same, as well as discuss some possible issues or potential risks.

The 1st transnational meeting took place in Kumanovo, Macedonia, between January 13-15, 2017. The partners discussed the following aspects of the project management: planning activities, setting up a plan for avaluation, having an overview of project management information systems & recording, agreeing on the communication protocols and strategy including the use of social and online media.


The 2nd transnational meeting took place in Kumanovo, Macedonia, between September 22-24, 2017. The partners discussed the following aspects of the project management: mid-term evaluation of the project flow, checking the timeline and the following activities, sharing good practices for more efficient implementation.

Multiplier events

🇩🇪 The multiplier event in Germany was held on 19.01.2018, to share the outcomes of the project Social Inclusion through Entrepreneurship, to discuss this topic of social entrepreneurship and its relevance for the region. The event combined a presentation by different actors in this field with practical workshops about starting up.

🇧🇪 The multiplier event in Belgium happened on 21.01.2018 in Brussels,with the target group being representatives from international organizations and institutions but also educators within non-formal education and adult education. The event gathered 21 participants which were coming from: European Commission, Youth partnership between European Union and Council of Europe, ALDE group in the European Parliament, European Youth Forum, European projects association, Youth for Exchange and Understanding, Mission of Republic of Macedonia to the European Union, Eurashe – European Association of Institutions in Higher Education, European Youth Card Association and other international organizations or institutions and consultants.

🇲🇰 The multiplier event in Macedonia happened on 22-24.02.2018 (training course) and on 26.02.2018 (conference). The training aimed at encouraging and educating course participants on how to utilize the SE Manual and Curriculum for promoting SE among the groups they work with. The training was done through experiential learning, the participants will have the chance to get familiar with different approaches, techniques and get their own ideas on how to deliver trainings and use the manual for SE. The conference was attended by 49 participants, and it’s agenda included a presentation of the project and publication, done by the project coordinator Dragana Jovanovska, a plenarry with 3 key-note speakers followed by a discussion with participants, two working groups and final summary of the recommendations from the participants’ side, followed by a networking cocktail. The speakers were a representative from the Ministry of Labor and Social Politics who spoke about the benefits of the Youth Guarantee, a representatives from the Agency for Employment in the Republic of Macedonia on the potential and interest for the social entrepreneurship on a national level and a representatives from the Association for health education and research – HERA who shared a successful practice of a social enterprise where unemployed Roma women have been trained to become caretakers for the elderly and have formed a social enterprise.

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This project is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme, managed by the Macedonian National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility.