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Who we are


Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a civil society organization working to promote intercultural acceptance and active citizenship through capacity building processes, education and youth work.

Our mission is to ensure sustainable community development by creating opportunities for quality engagement of civil society, advancing learning opportunities, and active involvement of young people and other citizens.

What we offer


CID develops its activity on local, national, regional and international levels. We run a fully functional youth center in Kumanovo, and we offer support to the local volunteers in developing and implementing their own projects. Our pool of trainers delivers high-quality training and consultancy both on national and international levels. Our educational palette includes sending young people on mobility programmes such as youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, workcamps, etc.

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Hristina, Konstantin and Fatlinda spreading their knowledge about diversity further

Hristina Tanevska, Konstantin Solarski and Fatlinda Zeqiri attended the Seminar  “Share, Experience, Get Inspired-Enjoy the diversity of non-formal learning tools” that took place from 24th to 28th October 2018 in Loppem, Belgium. After 4 months they are spreading the...
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Seminar ‘Youth Alternarration: Combating Radicalization of Young People in Online Spaces’

Project place: Kumanovo, Macedonia Project dates: 5 – 9 March 2019 Application deadline: URGENT CALL!     ABOUT THE PROJECT The project is a long-term partnership between organizations from the UK – Peshkar Productions Limited, Belgium – Out of the Box...
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Kristina about “Not of this World” workcamp

This worcamp took place in Novodevichy Convent, which is situated in Saint-Petersburg from 31 July -14 August 2018. The monastery is situated in the center of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg is famous for being a “cultural capital” of Russia. The monastery provided...
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Vesel about the refugee crisis in Larissa, Greece

From the 13th to the 22nd of December Vesel, Boris, Veton, Filip, Martina and Azra attended a youth exchange “Adventure of a Lifetime” held in Larissa, Greece. The main aim of the youth exchange was to teach the participants  how they can actively involve...
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Exhibition for diversity: two RYCO-supported projects are presenting their outcomes

Young people will tell you louder than anyone that peace and friendship lay at the foundation of prosperity in the Western Balkan 6. In order to prove that, young people from Kumanovo have presented the outcomes from the activities that were part of 2 projects...
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Training for staff members – from project management to project writing

Between the 15th and 17th of December,  the staff of Center for Intercultural Dialogue organized and attended a training course that offered capacity building on project writing and organizing skills. The training took place in Kratovo and aimed to advance our...
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Edin and Jovana: from CID Academy to mentoring young people

Do young people in Macedonia have a voice? Are their opinions being heard? Do they know what mechanisms exist that bring their opinion to the decision-makers, be it on local, regional or national level? To a certain extent only. Although Kumanovo provides the...
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Internships in CID – an opportunity to grow

For the past couple of months (October-December), Center for Intercultural Dialogue offered 4 internship positions to students from the SABA Private High-School in Kumanovo (profile IT). The internships were part of a short-term cooperation established between SABA...
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