Volunteering is one of our fundamental values. WHY do we volunteer?

*To color our daily routine by meeting new people and making new friendships;

*To develop new skills, improve our communication abilities, teach and help others to learn;

*To change the things we don’t like, through activities that range from cleaning actions to lobbying for policy change;

So HOW can you volunteer? EASILY! Just follow the steps.

Come visit the MultiКулти youth center!

The youth center offers a wide range of activities for young people and becomes the space where you can develop your own idea.

Join the Volunteers Club on Facebook

Be up to date with all our activities and make sure you don’t miss any opportunity!


Get your membership card

Contact us at info@cid.mk or visit us at any of our offices to get your membership card.


Choose and attend a mobility opportunity

Go on a youth exchange, training course, seminar, conference, and more!