Period of the project: 15.07.2016 – 14.07.2017

Partner organisations: Albanian Centre for Population and Development (ACPD – Albania) – Alfa Albona (Croatia) – Centre for Civic Education (CCE – Montenegro) – Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) – Institute for Youth Development KULT (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The aim of the project is to contribute to the adaptation of youth in the Western Balkans region to the rapidly evolving changes in the labour market.

The Objectives of the project are in line with the general aims of the Erasmus+ component Capacity Building in the Field of Youth and are designed to respond to the aforementioned aim:

  • to improve the quality of youth work in the field of youth employment in the WB region;
  • to foster development of programs of non-formal learning for youth employability;
  • to promote strategic cooperation between state institutions, business sector and youth organizations for youth employability.

Main activities:

  • Activity (1) – Improving youth work curricula in the field of youth employment in the Western Balkans;
  • Activity (2) – Capacity building of youth workers;
  • Activity (3) – Regional discussion forum.

Expected outcomes:

  1. raised capacities of 36 youth workers for enhancing young people’s employability;
  2. developed five trainings for developing young people’s skills and competences for more effective employment;
  3. created network of WB region youth workers in the field of youth employment;
  4. developed regional youth employability skills portfolio;
  5. created recommendations for joint work between key stakeholders (business sector, state institutions and youth organizations) in the field of youth employability; and
  6. defined key measures for enhancement of youth employability in the WB region.

Regional network of youth workers dealing with youth employability issues will be established and provided with set of instruments and tools embodied in the common youth employability portfolio. There is no common group of employability skills applicable to a range of jobs in the participating countries – especially in the youth sector. This project will focus on considering the importance of the skills, attributes and behaviour that have been placed under the umbrella of “employability”.

Creation of regional WB network of youth workers in the field of youth employment will bring closer the youth organisations from different countries and serve as a platform for exchange of experiences, experiential learning and joint development of creative employability programmes. Platform of this kind will contribute to increase motivation for regional and European cooperation in Erasmus+ programme among youth workers and youth organisations in issues related to employment of youth. It will strengthen the European perspective in WB countries, acting as additional, and “youth” push-up for the European integration process.