I was one of the participants who attended the second module of the Eurodesk qualifying training programme, held between 27-30 March in Zadar, Croatia. The training gathered 22 participants from Croatia and Macedonia, in order to explore and train them on the following topics:

  • international mobility programmes;
  • improving the role of multipliers as information providers, communicators and researchers;
  • processing and disseminating information;
  • non-formal and active ways to approach young people.

On the first day the trainers introduced us with the training programme and the group. Next day we learned the basic information about the Eurodesk network and how to use Firstclass (Firstclass is an online platform where youth can find information about mobility opportunities; it also acts as a space for multipliers to communicate). We also were trained on what it means to be a multiplier, how to motivate youth, how to use the European youth portal in order to promote the available mobility opportunities.

As an outcome of the training, we have created short motivational videos, which will be available online soon. On the third day we have worked on mobility: where and how youth can participate, how to calculate the financial costs of the mobility and what activities can be done as a follow-up in the next period.

I found this training was very productive for myself. I have learned more about the opportunities that we as young people can take part in.  I also have learned how to encourage and motivate youth to be more active and use the mobility tools, and I believe that I can support my sending organisation with the knowledge that I acquired.