This year CID Academy has started again, with a new group of enthusiastic people who are going through a longterm training process that is preparing them to become leaders and take an active role in society. From the beginning of the year, the team of CID selected and prepared a group of 20 youngsters to be part of the CID Academy, after several meetings in the youth center and online communication, the group was finally ready to start the training process.

Between 18th and 22nd of April, the group spent their time together in Berovo, where they got to know each other better, learned more about what CID does and what is youth participation.  For the purpose of building their leadership skills, the participants went through introductory workshops on organizational management and communication, project writing, volunteer management.

In the upcoming months, the participants of CID Academy will go through a training process of 15 1-day trainings in order to deepen their knowledge and build the necessary skills to conduct and develop advocacy campaigns and to be more involved in the projects of CID.

Viktor Velickovski, one of the participants, believes that the training benefitted his personal development:

Being part of the CID Academy training was a great experience all in all; I met and got to know better new people from different cultures, religions, nationalities. We learned a lot about CID as an organization, how to be a team player and how to lead our team to best results. We also discussed about stereotypes and discrimination as part of our training.  Our journey started the moment we went in Berovo and it will never stop. Youth activism is a process I got familiar with, and a process I will try to become better at.

Monika Spasovska also shared her opinion about the CID Academy:

After months spent in MultiKulti and CID for various activities, we had the opportunity to acknowledge what they actually do. We went to the training in Berovo in order to improve our skills and our involvement in CID. We spent five awesome days at the training course called “CID Academy”. The main goal at the training was to model competent youth workers able to support youth in solving their problems.

At the beginning of this process we were just a bunch of people gathered together in a room where everyone of us was only looking for themselves, but we left Berovo as a strong team, ready to endure future challenges. Our journey doesn’t end in Berovo, it just started there. To be continued…