Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a non-governmental, non-profit youth organization that works on regional level in Macedonia. It was formed in May 2006 by active youth leaders and youth workers from Kumanovo.

What for

CID works for society of intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and sustainable development where all people live together with mutual respect. 

The mission of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue is to promote and support intercultural understanding and cooperation, peace and solidarity through active youth participation in the society, and especially through volunteer involvement on local and international level

Objective 1: Promote and support active citizenship of youth through grassroots activism and development of institutional mechanisms of active youth participation.

Objective 2: Active work and contribution to intercultural dialogue through capacity building and information services for youth

Objective 3: Enhancing voluntary involvement of young people, with working on promotional actions, aiming to primarily promote the SCI work camps, EVS, and local voluntary opportunities

Objective 4: Promoting peace solidarity and Human rights as a culture of living, Organization of outdoor activities, festivals, panel discussions, international exchanges, intercultural meetings etc.

For whom

Center for intercultural dialogue main focus is on young people from diverse religious, ethnic, national and other beliefs who are at the same time creators and beneficiaries of our activities

Our main target group is university students, secondary school students and recent graduates. CID also works with public administration that works with young people as well as all stakeholders involved in inter-community dialogue and youth development on local, national and international level.

The bigger picture

Member of Service Civil International

Service Civil International (SCI) is a peace organization that co-ordinates international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds. Their work is based in the belief that all people are capable of living together and co-operating with mutual respect and without recourse to violence to solve conflict. Through international voluntary work their aim is to give people the chance to experience this way of living whilst contributing in a useful manner to the community.

Supporter of UNITED against racism

UNITED is the European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. UNITED is the largest pan-European anti-racism network of more than 560 organizations from 46 countries: UNITED to promote the rights of refugees, minorities & migrants 

Member of Youth for Exchange and Understanding

YEU works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of the world, in a spirit of respect for human rights. YEU is member of the European Youth Forum which is the independent platform for INGYOs and NYCs in Europe. YEU has young people from over 30 countries from across Europe and Africa involved in their activities.  As an international network, YEU is the representative body of the members in contacts with the institutions and partners in the youth field.

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