wor camp_april2012Center for Intercultural Dialogue this summer offers to all interested volunteers from Macedonia an opportunity to attend a summer work camp anywhere in the world. The camps are great space for working and living together with other people from other countries, sharing cultures, values, attitudes and learning from this strong experience. Also it is a chance to visit another place and to learn more about the local customs and habits, as well as to come back home with a very enriching experience of new friends, places and viewpoints.

A work camp or international voluntary project is about international group of volunteers contributing to a solution of a problem of the local community. The projects are very practical, based on the philosophy of ‘Deeds not Words’. Volunteers can really make small but useful changes to help other communities.

Every year within Service Civil International we offer thousand work-camps to volunteers! Camps last from 2-4 weeks and consist of 5 – 20 participants from a variety of countries. The participants live by local standards and with as much contact with the local people as possible. The camps are facilitated by either one or two camp leaders but are run by the principles of communal living, group decision making, equal participation and collective problem solving. Camps normally happen in the season from the end of April until September. The topics of a camp can vary and SCI tries to cover an extensive list of topics from peace education, work with children and youth, elderly people, environment camps, art, culture and history camps and many more.

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