Magde_April2012A group of five youth volunteers (Magdalena Manevska as a group leader, Kristina Spasovska, Stojan Tasevski, Tamara Petkovska and Nikica Jovanovski) took participation representing CID on a youth exchange in Barakaldo, the Basque country of Spain 2th-8th April 2012. The youth exchange “Volunteering for social inclusion” was organized by the youth organization “Ainara” and the municipality of the Basque country.

The youth exchange gathered 20 young people from Spain, Albania and Macedonia and got them in discussion about volunteering, social inclusion/exclusion, overcoming stereotypes and prejudices and many activities aiming to promote youth active participation.

“The youth exchange was wonderful learning experiences that help us to face the cultural differences. All of the activities, including the intercultural evenings, were open space for sharing experiences of the each other associations and backgrounds”- says Magdalena Manevska, the group leader on this exchange.

They brought wonderful memories from the town by the Atlantic, and we can proudly say that CID is richer with memories of the days full of joy and new competences of its activists!

Magdalena Manevska