My name is Nita Zequri, student in the medicine school in Kumanovo. I am 16 years old and I am regularly participating in the activities of CID. Within this story I decided to summarize all my values, dreams and goals that I have in order to make some changes.

What we learned in school was never enough for me, I have always wanted to explore something more, and go beyond the knowledge and experience that formal education could offer. That’s the reason why I have lots of hobbies.  I was glad when to my agenda I also added a new activity, which includes multicultural workshops done through non formal education.

It all started when during an ordinary school hour, the lesson was interrupted by a young girl that came to explain and inform us about the program of multi-cultural workshops. She explained us that those workshops are a way of building a new society that is supportive to the youth ideas. We were all attracted by the idea and most of us joined in. We work as a cultural mosaic, where we all share our life experiences in order to improve communication between young people from different ethnicities and cultures.

These workshops taught us how to work in groups, improved our social skills, and showed us to see things from a different perspective. And the most important: we expanded our social circle and we left those workshops with a baggage of unforgettable memories.

Nita Zeqiri