Milica_april2012(2)A group of three CID representatives participated in a youth project “Creative Engagement – using city as an action tool”, held in Belgrade, Serbia 8th-17th April 2012.

The training course gathered 30 participants from Macedonia, Italy, Serbia France, Slovenia, UK, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia and Albania and encouraged them to share their previous knowledge and gain a new one. It was organized by the NGO Balkan Initiative for Tolerance (BIT).

“Our aim was to bring enthusiasm on streets and share our fresh ideas with youngsters from Belgrade, by making a few performances. We explored creative ways of communication through art, installations, street performances and graffiti with and animate the local population and we tried to find solutions to social issues” shared CID participants on this training.

The programme was combined from workshops, lectures, visits to multimedia artists, learning from activities, public presentations and discussions.