Journalism_April 2012(2)On the 17th of March, within the premises of the local council a journalism lecture for high school students was organized. The event was organized undera initiative of the local union of school council in cooperation with CID. The event was multicultural and attended by all the members of the local high school union, having in total around 60 students representing their schools.

The lecture was led by Admir Qose and Semra Jakupi, journalist with long experience on the field, working for as editors in one of the biggest national tv stations Alsat -M

The lecture touched upon various topics such as life of a journalist, the history of news and content, the values of virtual news and further explained different journalism techniques. The lecture was followed by an interactive discussion that engages the students to share their experience with school journalism and ask for advices on how to improve their own practices.

It was the first time for local school councils to organize such event that involve all of the schools in the local community. The initiative gave a result that was consistent with its purpose.

In the future, we hope to have more such events that aim to unify the youth, and improve cooperation between them.

More photos of the workshop can be seen here
Nita Zeqiri