New cycle of CID Academy started this month.

For those who have not heard yet, CID Academy is a long term training course for developing competences of youth leaders and youth workers. 

In the last years CID Academy has been the generator of CID potential and capacity, by organizing a training course for new competent staff and team of youth workers each season. This course has been invented as a way to transfer competences within the organization and to get refreshment regularly.

This season the CID Academy brought around 20 participants, motivated to become youth leaders and youth workers within their communities. The methodological approach is based on the principles of non formal education and experiential learning. In the period of three months, participants will go through the topics of Volunteering, Active Citizenship, Organizational and Project Cycle Management, Communication, Intercultural Learning, Non Formal Education. Moreover they will get chance to explore this topics by first hand experience and practical work in the local community.

The course programme has been designed on the bases of best practices from the European youth field, following the European Portfolio of youth workers framework.

It is expected that after this training, the participants will continue their practice as youth workers in the local youth center and NGOs.