IPA CID article(1)The Center for Intercultural Dialogue is happy to announce that on a recent call for cross-border projects Macedonia-Bulgaria the project“NETworkingfor Efficient and Sustainable Civil Society across the Border” was approved. The project was developed in partnership with the European Institute – branch in Blagoevgrad who are the leading partner and CID is the partner for Macedonia.

The project activities include an analysis and research of the non-profit sector associations located in the cross-border region of Macedonia and Bulgaria. Furthermore an information web-page will be developed to promote the civil society activities such as campaigns, best practice in the NGO sector in the cross-border region, upcoming events and initiatives, available materials and training, etc.

The project will last for one year starting in June 2012. At the later stages of the project joint collaboration events will be initiated by the CSOs from the 2 sides of the border such as a generic training for 15-20 reps of the most active organisations, a volunteer camp/action in order to strengthen the network cooperation and cross-border impact. At the training, future common initiatives and the possibility to create a formal network in the will be discussed.

The project is funded by the Instrument for Pre-accession of the European Union – the cross border cooperation actions.

CID Office