On arrival april 2012In February 2012 CID was happy to welcome two new long-term EVS volunteers – Dan and Sandra. From 16-21 April both of them spent a week in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina in “on-arrival” training organized by SALTO. 

“On-arrival” training session is organized for all EVS volunteers, short-term and long-term. The general aim of this training is to prepare the EVS volunteers for the following time ahead, to inform them about their rights and responsibilities, to introduce them to the social and cultural realities, discuss their role in their hosting organization and give advice how to handle different conflicts that might occur.

“All together over 30 EVS volunteers from different Balkan countries participated in the training in Sarajevo. We were divided in to two working groups which both were led by two trainers. A lot of EVS volunteers in my group were from France, but also from the Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, UK and Greece. So many different characters were represented! We had fun! One could say that maybe after 2 ½ months it might be a bit late to have this “on-arrival” training, but I think that by that time it is already more clear what is your role in the hosting organisation, you have experienced some culture shock and maybe some problems you wish to discuss with others. I think we had a great week: we made connections with each other, shared experiences, ideas, enjoyed the hotel and the good food. For me this training totally fulfilled its objectives,” shared Sandra

CID Office