youth councilThe Center for Intercultural Dialogue has been actively involved in facilitating the process of creation of a Local Youth Council in Kumanovo. It is really unfortunate that although Kumanovo is one of the largest and most vibrant towns in Macedonia, there is still no youth council in place. As a result from this situation, the local youth strategy drafted and voted in 2008 is not implemented nor are any relevant stakeholders monitoring its progress.

The aim of the Youth Council of Kumanovo will be, beyond all, to be involved in the creation, monitor the implementation and evaluation of all local policies that affect young people. The Youth Council will gather representatives from active youth organisation, other organisations working with youth, political party youth, student councils and other forms of youth organisations such as informal youth groups.

The process that CID is facilitating aims to increase the level of youth participation in Kumanovo, thus it is based on open and transparent communication and inclusion of all forms of youth groups or organisations.

The process should:

  • Network the youth organisations among each other.
  • Establish links of communication with the local authorities.
  • Initiate actions in joint coordination and cooperation.
  • Exchange information about youth development.
  • Allow active youth participation in many different ways.
  • Introduce, revise and monitor the youth policies.

For more information about the process, or suggestions or ideas for cooperation please send us an e-mail on

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