Photography workshops spring2012Photography workshops were part of Multikulti spring season’s program 2012. All together around 20 participants from different primary schools in Kumanovo showed interest in photography.

Facilitators, Milan and Florim gave them different tips on how to take photos like regular and irregular, what to keep in mind when taking photos in the nature, micro and macro photography etc. Students hunted photos in the neighborhood, in the city park and in their everyday school environment. They also got different home works to take photos of different moments in their everyday life.

Besides learning about photography, youngsters also got the chance to get to know each other through different games and outdoor activities as a meter of the multicultural group that they were working with.

After collecting thousands of different photos, there was held the Photography Group exhibition event on the 17th of June, where the work of the young photographers were presented. Teachers, parents of the participants and everyone interested in photography were invited. One could say the event had its impact on the local society because on the photos there were presented the everyday life in Kumanovo and the diversity of cultures in our society.

Photos of Photography workshops can be found here