Bosnia_Jehona_June2012YEU together with CEREBRA , organized an youth exchange from the period of 26th May to 2nd of June in Banja Luka, BiH. The exchange was held in Bosnia where the volunteering has great impact in post war period in rebuilding social cohesion. All together 30 participants from Bosnia, FYROM/Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Serbia gathered together in order to discuss about volunteering as a tool to fight unemployment and impact of volunteering on the volunteer and his/her well being.

During the 7 days sessions, the participants and the group leaders had the time of their lives. Except from gaining knowledge on the topic, the group had the opportunity to socialize and learn more about each other’s countries and cultures.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue sent 4 participants (Dea Pajaziti, Gazmend Ismaili, Angela Veljkovska and Dejan Bozinovski) and one group leader (Jehona Pajaziti) to participate in the youth exchange. These was a mutual contribution in order everything to run very smoothly and at the end of the exchange, everyone was very satisfied with the organization of this event and would like to participate in similar events in the future.

To learn more about this youth exchange, you can visit the facebookb page here

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