Serbia_cycling_june2012During April 2012 five young people from CID took part in the international youth exchange “Cycling for Mother Nature” in Serbia, hosted by the Resource Center Leskovac within the Youth in Action programme.

Main objectives of this exchange were to raise awareness and learn the ways to ensure active participation of young people related to personal responsibility and everyday contribution to sustainable development and promote cycling and traditional preparation of food as healthy and green lifestyles.

On this exchange young people were promoting green lifestyle by cycling almost 40km per day. Beside that, they also had workshops, presentations, games and organized conversations were they all exchanged their opinions and experiences.

Participants were in age 16-27 from Serbia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Albania, Italy, Romania, Poland and Macedonia.

One of the participants, Monika, said: “For me this was unforgettable experience. I learnt so much about other cultures, countries and their condition of nature and how they take care of it. I wasn’t aware of so many things about the nature before this exchange. And now I have started using all the things I learnt. I hope I will have a chance to cooperate with all of the participants again. Thank you so much Resource Center Leskovac for giving us an opportunity to work together.”

CID Office