After being three years in Macedonia in the village Romanovce, working with several teachers on a daily basis, learning about the culture, the curriculum and the community, Pease Corps volunteer Amanda realized it was time to start a project for the community. It was time for Mural Project!

She partnered with the Macedonian music teacher and Albanian English teacher to set up the plan. They started with an Art Club and wished to include as many teachers and students as possible. Donations for the project came in from America.

“After trying to keep my expectations reasonable by hoping for 10 – 15 students , I was shocked when approximately 75 students showed up for our first meeting! We didn’t have enough room, or enough teachers, but we managed. The kids were clearly starving for extracurricular activities and thirsty for a positive atmosphere of self-expression,“ says Amanda.

It was planned from the beginning that the mural will be designed and painted by the students in order to promote true ownership and full creative responsibility. Students drew Romanovce as they saw it. Once the design was finalized, written approval from the village representative, the school director and the local imam was signed.

“We bought materials, advertised painting hours for students, asked for adult volunteers and hoped for the best. Peace Corps volunteers from all over Macedonia came to lend their support, as did friends from the Kumanovo area and local adults in the village. Little by little, the project was becoming a reality”, shares Amanda.

As a final result, a diverse community was creating something special together! When the mural was completed, extra materials were donated to the school and Amanda held the final Art Club of the school year.

Mural project had succeeded!

Photos of Mural project can be found here