From 31 May till 6th June Strits Festival Association from Kumanovo hosted an international training course called “Street Youth Work for Roma Inclusion” which took place in Probistip, Macedonia. The training course gathered 21 participants from Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Kosovo, UK and Romania.

The aim of this training course was to develop youth workers competence in using street based youth work to improve inclusion and active citizenship of young people from Roma communities.

During the training, the participants had the opportunity to visit a Roma organization where they discovered more about Roma settlements in Macedonia, their way of living and all the activities the organization is doing to help them in any ways.

One of the sessions of the training was reserved for a street work expert, who gave tips and helpful advices for the participants and talked about things they should be aware of while doing street work activities.

After all the presentations and sessions about street work, the participants practiced street work in real on the streets of Kumanovo. Participants said afterwards that it was the most fun and helpful experience, because they really could use all the knowledge they have got from the training.

“On this TC I learnt so many important things for my Street Based Work in Kumanovo. I gain a lot of information about Roma population and their culture which is very helpful for me. We also learnt a lot about youth work in general, and how to be a good youth worker. I am very grateful that the organization Strits gave me an opportunity to meet all those people and learn so much,” said one of the participant.

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