whatisthepurposeofyouthwork(2)On the 7th -8th of June in CID youth center there was held 2-days training about Youth work and non-formal education basic principles. Training was facilitated by freelance trainer and very good friend of CID – Nik Padisson. 

As in Macedonia there is not much a possibility to study youth work and there actually does not exist profession called “youth worker” then the only possibility to get knowledge in it is through participating different trainings and gain experience by just simply start practicing. This is the reason CID regularly provides trainings about youth work basics, and with the time became one of the generators of the youth work theories and practices in Macedonia.

The training programe covered topics like Core Principles and Values of Youth Work, Analyzed youth participation and learning processes. Finally it provided space for the participants to practice and get feedback on their performance. Overall the training covered theories combined with practical exercises and discussions.

To be able to analyze your work and develop as practitioner, training and gaining direct experience are needed. With this training CID wanted to give its volunteers and workshop facilitators opportunity to move one step closer and give the basic knowledge that every youth worker should know.

Around 15 young people participated and showed great interest in the subject. Of course two days are not enough. It is just a warm up. But it is still enough to make young people think why they do what they do and how can they actually impact their environment.